Long time NG!

2014-04-24 20:50:22 by NatSilva

Most of my work and activity is at my DeviantArt account: http://natsilva.deviantart.com/

I am a freelance Artist who loves fan art, mostly living in the Mushroom Kingdom and loving all things Nintendo, I try and try out new techniques to improve my art. Commissions are open, you can find more information on this on my DeviantArt page Journal.

I should put some new art works up here since I haven't touched my account on NG since 2009! :P

Happy Gaming!


Its a Mario Time

2009-09-05 06:11:04 by NatSilva

Hi all!

This is my first time on New grounds, i have actually wanted to join a few years ago, but i just got to doing so recently. I have a few Mario fan art pieces, and i hope you enjoy them! :)
Thanks all!

Its a Mario Time